Walker and Walker
Walker and Walker
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Erased book

A Caspar David Friedrich painting within a book is erased until only the moon is left visible. The work strips away the protagonists within the painting, reducing the painting to its essence and positioning the viewer in their place.

"In their most recent works, Erased Paintings (2008), Walker & Walker have meticulously whitened out Friedrich paintings reproduced as book illustrations with an eraser, leaving only glimmering slivers and orbs of moons in miniature hanging in otherwise empty but palpable, satin-white skyscapes. Two men contemplating the moon, indeed." Claire Daigle, Two Point(s) North

The painting '
Two men contemplating the moon' was very important to Beckett and was a influence for Waiting for Godot, which was quite unique because Beckett rarely cited influences on his work. It also bears reference to the pared down structure of his work and the minimal stage set of his subsequent play.

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