Walker and Walker
Walker and Walker
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Installation at the Irish Museum of Modern Art
2019 Aluminium lettering 4 x 291 x 1.5 cm

Exploring the nature of language, aluminium lettering suspended on the wall spells out the phrase 'I say: a fl w r! And there arises musically, as the very idea and delicate, the one absent from every bouquet.' This phrase is taken from an essay by the French Symbolist poet Stéphane Mallarmé. Reflecting on Mallarmé’s desire to liberate language from what it signifies, Walker and Walker have deliberately omitted the vowels from the word 'flower', to emphasise the declarative nature of the sentence and its conflict with its own textuality, creating a tension between orality and the written word.

Related work: ARTHUR RIMBAUD, O BLUE, E WHITE, 2019 Graphite on paper
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