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'Proposition', an audio work, is an account of Steward Brand, the editor of The Whole Earth Catalog telling of how following a premonition on LSD in 1964, he proposed that NASA and the Russians should turn the cameras onboard their missions into space back on the Earth and show for the first time an image of this world to ourselves. Believing it would create political change, “If only we had a photograph, a colour photograph of the Earth...” Brand ("Take a photograph of the entire earth." No, it had to be made a question. Use the great American resource of paranoia. "Why haven't we seen a photograph of the whole Earth yet?" Ah. That was it. )By the next morning, I got busy printing buttons and posters asking that question. made badges and posters, asking why this image had not been made. The subsequent photos of the Earth can be linked to ecological movements such as Earth Day and the rise of global awareness.

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