Walker and Walker
Walker and Walker
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2013, 10mm powder coated aluminium.

Making solid the empty space between the letters, in what is termed kerning in typographical language, a series of small sculptures are articulated by cutting out the negative spaces between the letters of certain propositions and conjunctives.

'Between i and f',
'Between d and o',
'Between i and s',
'Between i and t',
'Between o and r',
'Between t and o'

There are unique spaces that couple each letter in a word. Despite the fact that these negative spaces are encountered frequently, they remain unfamiliar and enigmatic. Rendering concrete this shape opens up a space which undermines the polarity of the word itself; ‘if’ suggests the duality within our imagination, in making choices of either/or, in taking possible directions. The space between is informed by the two dominant forms of the letters in question but opens up a sense of possibility. It is the space before a thought or action, whether it is ethical or aesthetic, social, personal  or political. By making something concrete which does not normally get noticed, it draws attention to our inner ways of thinking and acting in everyday life.

pening out the possibility of an understanding of these words; creating a small circular narrative in the space between the two letters; if only this had happened as opposed to that, to take action or not, to go here or there. 

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